Dream of: 21 April 2011 "Missing Penis"

 My high school friend, Walls (probably in his mid 20s), showed up and told me he had a bunch of 80 milligram Oxycontin pills which he was going to sell. When I asked him how much he wanted for them, he said he would sell them for $50 apiece. Since I knew the pills could easily be resold for $80 apiece, I was immediately interested. When I asked to see the pills, he dumped them out in front of me. There must have been at least 100 pills. Although some clearly were the pale-green 80 milligram Oxycontin pills, some appeared to be white 40 milligram pills. I figured Walls would charge half as much for those.

I was definitely interested in buying the pills. If nothing else I could sell them to Michelle. I wouldn't have to be in any hurry and I could simply sell the pills to her gradually over a period of time. I wasn't sure where I would keep the pills. I didn't want to keep them in my house because I didn't think I would be able to dispose of them if the police raided me, but I figured I could find a feasibly safe place to store them.

I had several wads of money on me. One wad was in my pants pocket and two wads were in my sock. Yet I was going to need to fetch more money to complete the deal.


I climbed into the front seat of a car so I could go and get some more money. Once I was in the car, I looked around and saw two black fellows (also probably in their mid 20s) sitting in the back seat. They asked me if I would like to smoke a joint with them, whereupon I said no. I told them I became too paranoid when I smoked pot.

Walls was no longer with me and the whole deal had changed. Now, instead of buying Oxycontin, I planned to buy some pounds of marijuana from these two black fellows. However, it turned out that they didn't have the marijuana with them and I was beginning to suspect that they might be trying to rob me. Worried about the wads of money which I was carrying, I tired to think of what I could do. Since we were near the home where my old friend Buckner lived when we attended high school together in Portsmouth, I directed the car Buckner's home. I thought that I could trust Buckner and that I could give my money to him so he could hold it for me. We pulled up in front of Buckner's house and I stepped out of the car. The two black fellows followed me as I walked to the front door.

The door opened and I looked into the front room where a number of people were occupied with some kind of wood-working project. Buckner (who looked like a black-haired gay friend of Michelle's named Billy) came to me from the other side of the room. Only about 20 years old, he was completely naked. He had been working and was covered with something black. I was surprised to see that he had no penis. I could clearly see a slit like a woman's between his legs. When I realized his penis had been cut off, I thought he must have trouble having sex with a woman without a penis.

I quickly told Buckner my problem and I asked him if he could hold my money for me. He seemed unsure he wanted to, but he finally acquiesced. I knew exactly how much I had in the wad in my pants pocket, but I was unsure how much I had in my sock. I thought I would have to count that money first so there would be no question later about how much I had given to Buckner.

I was surprised at the amount of activity in the house. Several other black fellows were circulating through the rooms and I slowly realized that Buckner was allowing people to hang out there. I also noticed a girl (in her mid 20s) whom I identified as Buckner's sister Jennie.

After I finally realized that the other black fellows in the house were involved with drugs, I thought perhaps I could buy my marijuana from them. I asked Buckner about it, and he said that I could. When I asked him how much a pound of marijuana would cost, he said $700. I told him I wanted to buy four pounds. I thought we could conduct the transaction right there in Buckner's house.

Suddenly Jeannie ran across the room and said her father was coming home. I knew Buckner's mother had died, but apparently his father still lived in the house. General commotion ensued as people prepared for the arrival of Buckner's father.

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