Dream of: 20 April 2011 "Dancing Lesson"

I was living in one room in a rooming house. I had a young girlfriend (probably in her mid 20s) who often spent time with me. I had also come to know a second woman (also in her mid 20s) who lived across the hall and who had started coming to my room frequently. My girlfriend knew the second woman and encouraged her visits. The second woman had dark black hair and was almost as tall as I. She definitely seemed to have Hispanic roots. She had a boyfriend with whom she was apparently trying to break up.

While the three of us were in my room, I walked across the hall and looked in a couple of rooms there with the doors open. I bumped into the door jam of one room and knocked it loose. I quickly put it back in place, hoping no one saw me and would think I was doing something improper. When I looked into a second room, I was surprised when the Hispanic woman's boyfriend started crawling out from under the bed and tried to talk to me. I knew his name was David, but I said nothing to him. Instead I hurried back across the hall and reported what I had seen to my girlfriend and the Hispanic woman. It appeared that David had been under the bed because he had been trying to spy on the Hispanic woman. It looked as if he had been monitoring her activity in my room.

The Hispanic woman, my girlfriend and I lay down on my bed and continued talking. I was close enough to the Hispanic to barely feel her flesh. I was unsure where this was going, but since my girlfriend didn't seem to mind, I just let myself enjoy the Hispanic woman's presence.

My girlfriend left and the Hispanic woman remained with me. I decided we might as well utilize the time doing something and I told her I would like to learn to dance. She seemed compliant. We both stood up and faced each other. Some soft music was playing in the background. She was wearing a long print dress. I took her into my arms and we began shuffling around the room. I felt awkward. I wanted to move my feet correctly and I told her I was somewhat of a perfectionist. A couple times our feet maladroitly touched each other.

I was becoming around by her closeness and I soon had an erection. She rubbed against me and I thought she must be able to perceive my turgid bulge. But she put no emphasis on it and neither did I. I was actually more concentrated in dancing. I had visions of being able to twirl her around and possibly even going dancing in public.

I told her I wanted to look at my feet and we stepped back from each other so I was still holding her, but at arms length. We were both wearing white shoes. I pointed out that sometimes her feet seemed perpendicular to mine instead of parallel. I wasn't sure if she was making a mistake or if I was. We continued shuffling around the room and with each step I would say, "Bam," as I tried to maintain the rhythm. I moved forward while she moved backward and I kept saying, "Bam. Bam. Bam." I was enjoying myself and I felt as if we were starting to get the hang of it.

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