Dream of: 19 April 2011 "Murder Mystery"

I was with Michelle. Although her movements and actions were typical for Michelle, she had black hair and looked more like a svelte version of Carolina (probably in her mid 20s). We were playing a little detective game which I had just bought. The game was in a slender hardback book and simply involved a description of four suspects from a real-life murder case which had been solved long ago. A picture of each suspect was also provided. After we read each description, we were supposed to chose the suspect which we concluded had committed the murder. Both Michelle and I astutely chose the correct suspect and we proceeded to the second game. Altogether, the book contained 10 different murder mysteries.

The second game seemed more complicated. At first I thought only four suspects were involved, but then it appeared that there were actually 10 suspects. As the game started, after perusing the pictures of the suspects, we were able to see a little film clip which seemed to be set in the 1940s during World War II. American soldiers had arrived on the grounds of a magnificent mansion whose gardens were filled with elaborate metal statues of soldiers. As we watched the clip, it seemed as if we were actually sitting in the yard of the mansion, and as the soldiers circulated around us, I specifically noticed Ronald Reagan (around 40 years old), attired in a military uniform, among them.

During the film clip, someone mentioned the name "Pervert", which was the name of someone apparently involved in the murder case. I had never heard of anyone named "Pervert" and I wondered if the English word "pervert" had originated from someone's name.

The second game also contained 10 little baubles which apparently were pieces of evidence. One looked like a little medallion with the cameo-like image of a king emblazoned on the front. It was so charming, I even thought I could wear it on a necklace. Since it was made of tawdry plastic, however, I knew people would think it ludicrous to be wearing the necklace.

The other pieces of evidence were also intriguing and I reflected how educational the game was. It seemed that a trenchant knowledge of history was going to be required to solve this one. I thought I might have enjoyed playing the game with my father, but since I would know the answer after Michelle and I finished, I knew I wouldn't be able to play it with him.

As I held the game book in my hand, I unintentionally glanced at the following page and saw the word "Daws." Since Daws was the name of one of the 10 suspects, I wondered if he was the actual culprit. I didn't say anything to Michelle because I didn't want to ruin the game. I thought I would be able to remain objective and base my final decision on the evidence, and not on the name I had seen.

In my hand I was holding something which had nothing to do with the game. It was something like a necklace which consisted of little rice-size colored pieces which had been strung together. Michelle (who was now standing) strode up to me and abrasively demanded to know what I was holding and where I had obtained it. I told her I had bought it at the same place I had bought the game book. When she wanted to know why I had bought the thing, I told her I had only paid 10 cents for it. She didn't seem satisfied with my answer, but she didn't say anything else about it.

Michelle was obviously becoming impatient because she thought I was taking too long. She began nervously pacing back and forth. She was wearing a long black dress which fell almost all the way to her ankles and looked like something which might have been worn in the 1940s. Actually, the whole atmosphere of where we were seemed like someplace in the 1940s and for some reason, Eleanor Roosevelt passed through my mind.

I told Michelle to calm down, that we were in no hurry. We didn't even have to finish the game today. We could play one game a week if we wanted to. She seemed somewhat becalmed, although she was still in a hurry to finish the game.

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