Dream of: 04 April 2011 "Dubliners"

As I was shuffling around a spacious banquet hall where dozens of well dressed people were mingling, a woman (probably in her mid 30) called me by my name, "Steve." I paused and looked at her. Sporting a colorful dress, she was sitting atop a table with her legs dangling over the edge. She had kinky brown hair and was rather homely. Since I didn't recognize her, I asked her if she knew me. She said she had gone to Baylor while I had been there. Looking at her more closely, I seemed to remember having seen her at Baylor, although we had never spoken before and I still wasn't sure how she knew my name.

We began a conversation and I quickly perceived how erudite she was. Talking with her was a pleasure. She talked of different places in the world and finally she asked me if I knew where a certain town in Ireland was located. The name of the town was "Point (something)." I visualized Ireland in my mind. I told her that since the word "Point" was in the name of the town, it was probably a small island. But then I retracted and said the town could just as well be inland. I finally told her that I had no idea where the town was located and that the only town which I knew in Ireland was Dublin. At the same time I started thinking of the collection of short stories by James Joyce entitled Dubliners.

The woman cooed, "James Joyce."

Impressed, I replied, "Ulysses."

She then started rattling off several other names of Irish authors. I felt a bit inadequate because I didn't know any other Irish authors. Obviously the woman was considerably more educated than I. I did reflect, however, that at least I was a lawyer and that I had devoted a considerable amount of time to learning the law.

It seemed that the woman and I had developed an instant rapport. She seemed interested in me, despite my deficient education, and I was definitely interested in her. I asked her if I could call her sometime and she gave a positive response.

Gradually, however, I became aware that something was wrong with her, and by the end of our conversation, I realized she couldn't walk. She finally scooted herself off the table and into a wheelchair sitting next to the table. Slowly she took her leave of me and wheeled herself away from me. She looked so pitiful and lonely as she receded from me. Despite her affliction, however, I was still interested in her and I hoped I would see her again.

When I walked out of the building, I abruptly recalled that I was on the campus of a university. I was surrounded by a labyrinth of red-brick buildings. I also suddenly remembered that I had left my sister and my brother Chris earlier on the campus and that I was supposed to meet back up with them. I looked at my wrist watch which said it was 6:30. I had been gone for hours! I needed to find them as quickly as possible. My father and my mother were also somewhere on the campus and I likewise needed to locate them.

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