Dream of: 03 April 2011 "Tantalized"

I had gone to the Gallia County Farmhouse and discovered my ex-wife Louise there. She was only about 30 years old and she looked good. She was very friendly and told me she was going to stay there a couple days. Then she said she would be returning again for an additional five days. I told her I hoped I would be able to visit her and she seemed amenable to the idea.

I couldn't seem to remember her last name. When I asked her if it was "McGraw," she said that McGraw had once been the name of her landlord of her office and that she had used the name a few time in some court cases. Her actual name, however, was "McDonald." I didn't remember having ever heard that name.

As she stood in the doorway to the downstairs bedroom, I realized she was naked form the waist up. Her plump round breasts sagged a bit, but were still tantalizing. She seemed to be trying to arch her back so her breasts would appear firm. I definitely liked what I saw.

Suddenly a fellow (probably in his mid 20s) squeezed past her into the bedroom and sat down on the bed. I asked who the fellow was and Louise said he was the son of the sister of her father. I said that the sister must be Louise's aunt and that the fellow was therefore her first cousin. She seemed surprised to think of the fellow as her cousin. It appeared that Louise and the fellow weren't connected in any romantic way; but it seemed strange to me that he would be sitting in her bed.

I was just happy that she and I were getting along. As she stood there half naked in front of me, I definitely thought there was a good chance we would end up going to bed together.

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