Dream of: 01 April 2011 "Ominous Feelings"

I discovered a young elephant on the Gallia County Farm. I wasn't quite sure where the elephant had come from, although I seemed to have some awareness that it had been living on the Farm. Almost immediately I became attached to it and I wanted to keep it. It stood over a meter tall and I guessed that it was two or three years old. I put my arms around its neck and pulled it close to me. I felt as if I loved it and as if it loved me. I had heard that elephants were capable of deep and lasting emotions. I imagined the young elephant might be able to think of me as its parent and develop feelings for me.

When I let the elephant run around in the yard, however, the reality of the situation hit me. How could I possibly keep an elephant on the Farm? There were no fences and the elephant could stray off wherever it wanted. And it would grow so large, it would be hard to control. It might wander into the road and hunters might even try to shoot it. It would need to be fed hay in the winter.

As I was standing near the Farmhouse, I suddenly noticed a brown bear next to the house. I picked up a stick and tried to run off the bear, but the bear went straight to the elephant. I was afraid the bear would attack the elephant, but instead the two seemed to get along. They socialized for a few minutes, then the bear walked off.

I walked down to the east end of the yard and sat down on the ledge there which overlooks the road. The elephant followed me, but there was no room for it to sit. I was afraid it might fall over the ledge. I wanted to think about how I would take care of the elephant. I realized that a central problem was the changing seasons on the Farm, and I even heard a voice, as if from someone walking on the road, mention "the seasons" as being a problem. I realized that in the elephant's native habitat the year wasn't divided into seasons as it was on the Farm. Nevertheless, I hoped I could figure out some way to care for the elephant and keep it on the Farm.

From where I was sitting, I could look down on Symmes Creek and I was surprised to see a row boat with someone in it pass by. Two smaller boats were being pulled behind the row boat. The smaller boats were filled with something which looked like kindling. It looked as if someone might be going to camp out somewhere downstream.

I also saw a couple men on the road, one of which had a bow and arrows. Obviously they were hunters. I thought to myself that I would never let hunters hunt on the Farm as long as I was there, especially if I had an elephant to protect. I had ominous feelings, however, about how well I would be able to protect the elephant.

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