Dream of: 31 March 2011 "For All The World To See"

Michelle and I were in a ranch style house which belonged to a friend of Michelle's. I didn't know the fellow, but I envisioned him as a tall black-haired middle-eastern type (probably about 30 years old). The fellow had left town for a while and had given Michelle possession of the house until he returned. Michelle had then given me control of the house, even though she was still staying there.

I walked into the small kitchen and was surprised to find two tall thin fellows (probably in their mid 20s). I immediately figured they were friends of Michelle's and I told them they had to leave. They didn't pay much attention to me, so I walked back to the living room to find Michelle so she could tell them to leave. On the way, I also saw a couple children in the hallway and out of the corner of my eye I saw a woman.

When I found Michelle and told her I wanted the people to leave, she seemed unresponsive. Obviously she was in no hurry to kick out anyone. I protested that I was supposed to be in charge, but she remained unmoved. I realized I was on thin ice. If I raised too much fuss, Michelle might simply revoke the authority which she had given me to be in control of the house. After all, the real owner had left Michelle in charge of the house, not me.

Seeing little I could do, I thought it might be best to simply go along with the people being there and I even began having a fantasy of what would happen if more people showed up. The fantasy became so strong, it seemed as if it were actually happening. I imagined perhaps 15 people sitting around the living room. Many were attractive women and I wondered what if would be like if some were naked. I even imagined Michelle walking into the living room without a top, displaying her perky breasts for all the world to see.

I sat down on a couch and Michelle sat beside me on my right. I couldn't tell for sure, but it looked as if a couple women sitting across from me might be naked. I definitely was naked from the waist down. I wondered what the others would think if I pulled Michelle's head down to my penis and if she plopped my penis into her mouth right there in front of everyone.

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