Dream of: 30 March 2011 "Helicopter Rides"

I was in the living room of the Gallia County Farmhouse. My father had allowed a family to move into the Farmhouse and they had already started changing the furniture. The woman (probably in her mid 20s) was sitting at a brand new kitchen table. A high chair made of the same light-colored wood was sitting next to her. Obviously she had children. The table and chairs caught my attention and I commented about how beautiful the table was. The top of the round table consisted of a half dozen different slates of wood, each with a different grain pattern. Some slates contained peculiar-looking splotches and some contained regular lined patterns. The edge of each section, however, seemed to match the edge of the section next to it and I concluded that the entire top had been made from the same tree. Since I knew the top was veneer, I tried to imagine how the original log had been sheered to produce the veneer and I wondered which end of the table represented the outermost part of the tree and which end represented the innermost.

I asked my father what had happened to the old table which had been in the room. He pointed to the huge enclosed porch which abutted the kitchen and I saw the old pine table sitting out there. It was still in good condition and I hoped they didn't intend to simply throw it away.

My father and I walked back into the living room. Earlier he and I had been playing a little computer game which involved moving little balls around on the screen. He was ahead in the scoring. He and I had had a spat and now we were not on the best of terms. But he told me if I could move my balls through a certain line of other balls, he would let my score catch up to his. He was surprised when I successfully moved several balls through the line. He told me I could have one point for each ball I had moved. I protested that I thought he had meant I would immediately catch up with his score. He said, no, that he had meant I would receive a point for each ball I moved until I had moved enough to catch up. Since he was so far ahead in the score, I knew I would need to keep moving balls for a long time. I didn't think he was being fair.

I looked out the front window of the living room and was surprised by what I saw. On the other side of the creek was a long line of cars which were moving onto the land of the federal forest. The road was no longer a little gravel country road, but a modern highway. I watched in amazement as hundreds of cars drove into the forest area. Slowly I realized that some kind of resort had been built in the forest. I could barely see through the trees that many red-brick buildings had been constructed in the forest.

I pointed out the sight to my father, who already knew about it. But I could hardly believe what I was seeing. I told him that the place looked like a city and that there must be 10,000 people over there. I liked the idea. I told him there would be "activities" over there and he agreed. This new development would change the whole feel of the Farm.

The Farm had already changed immensely over the years. We no longer had cows and all the old farming equipment had been hauled away. I thought to myself that the change had been fomented by technology, especially computers. The present change was comparable to the Industrial Revolution of centuries past.

Suddenly I had a new thought. I envisioned a method by which I could capitalize on the new resort across the road: a helicopter. My mind raced. I could buy a helicopter and begin giving helicopter rides around the surrounding area. I was sure people would love to take helicopter rides while visiting the resort. Of course I would first have to learn how to pilot a helicopter since I had never flown one. And I would have to buy a helicopter. I didn't know how much one would cost. I only had about $50,000. I might need some help from my father. So I needed to patch up the little spat which I had had with him.


I was driving a car from the Farm. My brother Chris (about 15 years old) was in the back seat. I was trying to determine what route I would take if I started giving helicopter rides. I was even imagining what meeting people on my helicopter would be like. I might tell them that I used to practice law and that I was still a lawyer. I might even meet some other lawyers who were taking rides.

I wasn't sure how much I would charge for rides. I might also make my helicopter available for emergency medical flights to fly people to a hospital. I could probably charge $500 for those flights since an ambulance would probably cost over $300.

We were riding through an extremely scenic area. I was surprised to see that new lakes had been built. Hundreds of people were lounging and swimming in the blue waters. Suddenly an amazing sight caught my eye. In the lake off to my right, a whale was performing for a crowd of people. The gray whale was standing on its tail and moving backward on the water, the way small whales are taught to perform in sea parks. I could hardly believe my eyes.

We continued riding though the country roads. I could just imagine how spectacular the area would look form a helicopter.

I thought Chris must be enjoying himself. I figured he would like to get out and be in the water. I would definitely make it a point later to take him to a lake and help him in the water.

Right now, however, I was concentrated on my helicopter project. For the project to succeed, I would need to dedicate myself to it. I knew that flying helicopters was a little dangerous, especially for someone who was learning. I would also need to see about buying insurance to cover the helicopter and my passengers. I needed to be sure I was going to stick to this project before I started it.

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