Dream of: 20 March 2011 "The Secret Room"

I had recently moved into a house where my mother was living. I descended into the spacious basement and stepped up to a closet. I opened the door, walked inside the closet, and opened another door at the rear of the closet. I passed through the second door and walked down a little hallway to a white room where I was surprised to find my sister's son David (in his early 20s) sitting on someone's lap. David was talking with the person, whom I couldn't see but who I thought was his wife, Renee. When he moved his body to show who the person was, instead of Renee, I saw an older woman (probably in her 50s) whom David introduced as his mother-in-law.

I was carrying a small baggie of marijuana which I quickly poured out onto a little tray as David and his mother-in-law watched. I only had enough for a couple joints. Thus I became upset when I managed to spill some brown soda onto the tray. Over half of the pot was covered with the soda. Unsure what to do, I raised the tray to my mouth and sucked off the soda.

I was surprised when Newman (one of my former high school schoolmates whom I hadn't seen in over 40 years) walked into the room. He looked as if he were in his early 20s. He was carrying a big gob of marijuana in his hand which he laid down on my tray. The marijuana looked as if it had just been picked. I picked up one leaf to feel it - it was still moist. I knew the marijuana couldn't be smoked unless it were somehow dried out first.

After Newman took his marijuana back off my tray, I walked into an adjoining room and discovered an extra clump of dried marijuana on my tray. I thought Newman must have left it there and I wondered if he intended to smoke it with us. I picked up the clump and ground it into fine pieces on the tray.

I could still hear the others talking in the other room and I quickly realized they were talking about someone bringing some heroin there to make some kind of deal. It sounded as if David's mother-in-law was in charge of the scheme. I quickly walked back into the room and peremptorily announced that I wouldn't allow such a transaction. They seemed taken aback, but they clearly saw that I was in charge and I didn't think they would contend with my authority.

Along with the marijuana on my tray, I had also had three light-green 30 mg pills of oxycodone. Suddenly I realized the pills were missing. I didn't remember turning my head so someone would have had a chance to purloin the pills, but they were gone. I asked who had taken my pills, but no one said anything. I thought I might have to start searching everyone. I was particularly suspicious of David.

I had been vaguely aware of a black-haired girl (about 20 years old) who was standing over against the wall. She was slightly pudgy but still attractive. She reached into her pocket, pulled out one of the pills and handed it to me. When I asked her where the other two pills were, she looked at me with big eyes and a smile on her face. Obviously she had consumed the pills. I figured she had no money and I tried to think of something she could do to pay me back. I thought I might simply ask her to take off all her clothes. I wasn't sure if she would, but I thought she might.

When I thought I heard someone out in the hall, I walked out there and found my mother (probably in her 40s). I quickly diverted her into the kitchen which was on the other side of the hall. I hadn't realized this hidden area behind the closet was so big as to include a kitchen. I also hadn't realized my mother even knew this area was there. We talked for a few moments until I again heard someone out in the hallway.

I walked out of the kitchen and was shocked to see Michelle standing in the hallway. I couldn't figure out how she even knew about this place. My immediate concern, however, was about the girl in the other room. I couldn't remember whether I had asked the girl to take off her clothes. I certainly didn't want Michelle to go into the room and find the girl parading around naked. I needed to keep Michelle from going into that room.

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