Dream of: 14 March 2011 "Fatiguing Job"

I was on my first day of a new job as a cashier in a small grocery store. I had just opened up the store and I was all alone. People started streaming in and in no time at all they had stacked up items on the check-out counter and were standing in line. I quickly waited on the first person and took the money. I encountered a terrible problem, however, because the huge ancient cash register was sitting on a shelf over my head and I had to reach up to it to type in the purchases. Nevertheless, I managed to complete the first sale.

The second sale took longer and I could tell that people were becoming impatient, although some people seemed to understand that I was trying my best.

In addition to paying for the merchandise, both the first and second customer had paid utility bills - one had paid an electric bill and one had paid a water bill. As I was completing the second sale, I realized I needed to press special keys on the cash register to pay the utility bills. I also realized I was not keeping track of the money given to me for the utility bills, nor had I given receipts for the utility bills. I could see definite problems brewing.

Raising my arms up to the cash register was fatiguing. The thought of keeping track of all the utility payments and giving receipts for each payment was maddening. Plus the pressure of all the people standing in line was almost more than I could stand. Since the day had only just begun, I didn't see how I would make it through the whole day.

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