Dream of: 12 March 2011 "Lost For Good"

Michelle was sitting in the front passenger seat of a car which I was driving through a forested area far from home. We were part of a small convoy of three vehicles. When I saw a clearing off to my left, I pulled in and the other two vehicles followed me. The clearing was a campsite which harbored a place for a campfire in the middle. I stopped the car and climbed out. Since Michelle and I had been having problems, I decided to leave her there. I boarded one of the other two vehicles and the rest of us embarked, abandoning Michelle and the car in the clearing.

I soon felt uncomfortable and I decided I would rather be in the second vehicle. We stopped again and I switched to the second vehicle, which was a van containing a family of five. The father was driving and the mother was sitting in the front passenger seat.

We didn't travel far before the father decided to stop at a diner along the side of the road. After we halted, I realized we had lost the other vehicle, and I was uncertain how we could contact it. After we walked into the diner and sat down at a table, the father slipped away; I was uncertain where he had gone.

Suddenly I felt acute pain about having abandoned Michelle and I thought about calling her on my cell phone, but I realized I had lost my phone. I didn't think Michelle had a cell phone anyway. I told the others at the table that I had lost three cell phones since I had been on this trip. I was uncertain what to do. I was becoming a little angry because the little family at the table seemed completely unconcerned about Michelle or about the people in the other vehicle.

I was sure, however, that I didn't want to continue on and simply leave Michelle back there in the clearing in the forest. I was worried that she might have already driven off. Then I would have no possible way of contacting her. I fretted that I might have lost her for good.

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