Dream of: 11 March 2011 "Drop Of Water"

I was lying on my back on the floor of a living room, looking up at the ceiling. It was 10:30 a.m. and I had just awakened. I recalled that I was in a house which sat where the Gallia County Farmhouse used to sit on the Farm. This house was fairly new and had been built by my father. Somehow, however, the house had lost its roof and my father intended to tear the house down. I thought the house could probably be salvaged and I was thinking about asking my father to let me try to repair it.

I envisioned how the house looked from outside. It was rectangular and with white siding and modern-looking windows. It also had a large two-story garage sitting next to it. The garage had also lost its roof and was scheduled to be torn down.

I figured if the house were to be saved, it would also need a new floor. I envisioned how a large pile of sand could be unloaded outside the house and could then be scooped over the walls into the house. The sand could then be leveled off and a new floor could be laid.

Still lying on my back and staring at the white ceiling, I thought I heard rain falling outside. I began to notice brown spots on the ceiling and I realized the falling rain would soon ruin the ceiling. I saw one drop of water forming on the ceiling above my head and I watched as the drop fell from the ceiling into the palm of my outstretched hand. I knew then that the ceiling would be ruined by the rain and the prospect of saving the house seemed less and less likely.

I knew my father had spent the night in accommodations at the bottom of the hill. I figured he probably wouldn't get up until noon. I vaguely thought someone else was staying with him who had some marijuana and I vaguely thought I might like to smoke some. Since I didn't want to wait until noon, however, I might need to find some other source if I really wanted to smoke. But I wasn't sure if I would.

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