Dream of: 09 March (2) 2011 "Final Arguments"

My father (around 50 years old) was an attorney representing a defendant in the trial of a criminal case. I had been helping him and we had now reached the last day of the case. I had brought my pet Dalmatian Picasso with me to the court house because I thought the jurors liked Picasso and that he would influence their vote. I had brought Picasso one previous day and the jurors had seemed to love him. I was also happy to have Picasso with me and I just loved petting him and holding him in my arms. I had him on a leash and I was trying to figure out where to put him. I thought I would probably simply tie the leash to the bottom of a bench in the courtroom.

First, however, I needed to talk with my father, who was in another room in the courthouse. I walked into the room with Picasso and told my father I needed to tell him something. He would soon be making his final arguments and there was a point I thought he should make. I brought to his attention that he had not been at the trial on the first day and that I had made the opening statement in the case. At that time, the prosecution had also made their opening statement in which they had referred to a tall pine tree which was located in the courtroom. The prosecution had emphasized how well maintained the pine tree was. I had noticed however during the course of the trial that the pine tree had become quite shabby. The top of the pine tree was now rubbing up against the ceiling and several scraggly branches at the top were bent back. I thought my father definitely needed to point out the unseemly state of the pine tree.

My father was definitely interested. He stood up and wanted to go immediately to see the pine tree. We both walked out of the room. However, I didn't go to the court room with him. I wanted to first take Picasso outside and I headed for a rear door of the courthouse.

When I walked outside I was surprised by what I saw. The area was like a little park, but it looked different than when I had brought Picasso out there a few days before. Previously, I had to walk down some steps to reach the park, which had been easy the last time. This time however I had to jump down almost three meters to reach the top of the first step. After I jumped down, I looked back at Picasso who was standing about a meter up above me. I thought he would have to jump down into my arms and I would have to catch him. I still was holding onto his leash and I knew he would jump, but I was worried I might drop him if he jumped into my arms.

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