Dream of: 09 March 2011 "Escape From School"

I was sitting at a student's desk at the rear of a classroom filled with students. It looked as if all the students were male, probably in their late teens. I was just a little older than the rest. This was the first day of class of a new school year. A frumpy woman (probably in her mid 40s) was standing in front of the class. She started talking about a test which the students had taken at the end of the previous year and she pulled out a pile of papers which apparently contained the tests. She complained that most students had failed to sign their names to the tests so she had been unable to determine what grades to give the students. She walked back to me and laid the stack of papers on my desk. I was uncertain at first what she wanted me to do, but I finally concluded she wanted me to go through the papers and pick out mine.

As she walked away, I began flipping through the papers. All were handwritten and some only consisted of two or three lines while others covered most of the page. I thought I should be able figure out which one was mine by the handwriting. As I flipped through the pages, I noticed that many contained disparaging remarks about the teacher.

It seemed that everyone in the class was close to failing out of school. The teacher made a remark that this was the last chance for everyone and that anyone who failed would not be able to return to school. A student would still be able to obtain a degree with a GED, but would no longer be able to take regular classes. I had previously thought that there was no limit on how long a person could stay in school, but now I saw that I was wrong.

I didn't much care. I suddenly realized that I no longer needed to obtain a high school diploma. For years I had been under the impression that I needed to return to school to obtain my diploma, but finally I realized that I had already gone to college and no one cared anymore whether I had a diploma. Realizing I no longer needed a high school diploma was quite a relief.

I didn't even see any need to continue looking for my test paper in the stack. Finally I just handed the whole stack to the fellow sitting in front of me.

The teacher announced that a short film about a half hour long was going to be given in another classroom and that she hoped everyone would now go to the other room. The film had something to do with improving one's spirituality. She seemed to realize that other students were having the same kind of thoughts as I, and that some students would probably leave. I also had the impression that she was slightly afraid of the students.

Everyone stood up and marched out into the hallway. As the students filed into another classroom, I veered off from the rest and headed toward a door. Once I was free of the others, I wondered how safe I would be if I walked out. I had the feeling the school was located in a bad area of town. I thought about pulling out my billfold and sticking it in my sock, but I didn't.

I finally reached the exit and walked outside. I was surprised to see a pleasant park with people strolling about. I was also surprised to see an enormous church constructed of ponderous black stone. I immediately wanted to go into the church and meditate. I had a strong desire to find a quiet pew in the church where I could sit in silence.

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