Dream of: 06 March 2011 (2) "Rearranged Poem"

I had used a pair of scissors to cut up a poem by T.S.Eliot. I had cut out the individual words and now I was rearranging them to try to make a new, completely different poem out of the same words. I even wondered if it might be possible to arrange the words so that they read the same way forward and backwards. I knew some words could be read the same way forwards and backwards, but I thought doing so with a poem would be impossible.

The poem had been written on a pinkish-red paper. I was lying on my back with some of the words lying on my chest. I had to cut some extra paper off some of the words because I had left an excess of paper for some words which had been on the border of the paper. When I got down to the last words, I had some individual letters left, one of which was a capital "M."

I heard my mother getting up - she had been sleeping in the next room. She walked into my room. She looked old, at least 70. It was late in the day and I told her she needed to get up and not sleep so much.

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