Dream of: 06 March 2011 "Exclusive Concert"

I was in a room with about 20 other people. We were waiting for The Beatles to show up and give an exclusive concert just for us. I was becoming impatient because we had been waiting quite a while, but when I finally looked out the window, I saw a large van pull up and I knew the Beatles had arrived.

Indeed, the Beatles marched into the house. They were all dressed completely in white. Quite a few other people dressed in normal clothes were also with them - apparently the technicians for the concert. The Beatles all sat down on a couch and waited as the technicians prepared for the concert.

I wondered what songs they would perform. I thought they might start out with one of their early songs, such as "I Want To Hold Your Hand."

I sat staring at the Beatles. Something, however, didn't seem right. I understood that the Beatles might be a bit leery about being close to people, because I recalled that John Lennon had been killed by a man with a gun. Yet Lennon was sitting on the couch right in front of me. Paul McCartney was sitting next to Lennon. They looked as if they were probably in their mid 30s. However, I didn't see Ringo Starr and I asked where he was. I also didn't see George Harrison. Gradually I realized that two other men dressed in white and sitting on the couch were taking the place of Ringo and George.

I wished I had brought a Beatles record album with me so I could get autographs on the front of the album from all the Beatles. I didn't know if they would give me their autographs, but the autographs would certainly be worth a great deal if I could obtain them.

I finally walked over to John and Paul and said, "Can I ask you a question?"

They starred at me. I knew I had already asked a question by my question. They didn't seem particularly friendly and I was uncertain they wanted to talk with me. I felt a little ridiculous standing in front of them, especially since I couldn't even remember what I wanted to ask them.

I began thinking that I did have some eight-track tapes by the Beatles. I visualized them in my mind. A couple were by a recording company called "Crayon." I thought perhaps I could dig out those tapes and ask the Beatles to sign the front of those.

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