Dream of: 02 March 2011 (3) "Accumulating Junk"

While I was at a place where some junk was being given away, my handyman George showed up. George had originally told me about the place. I found a stack of old record albums (without sleeves) and I began rummaging through them. I stacked up some albums which I wanted to take. I told George that another stack of records was in the adjoining room and he quickly went through them. He then returned to where I was and began looking through the records which I was going through, even though I would have preferred to go through the records alone.

I next found shelves packed full of stuff. I found a boxed Springbok puzzle which featured the movie "The Tin Drum" on a shelf. I wanted it and I pulled it down from the shelf.

I walked into another room and found an old Olivetti typewriter which had keys on the sides. George told me not to get it. I realized I already had two such typewriters which I would like to get rid of. I thought I might get this typewriter for parts and use it to fix one of the ones which I already had because they didn't work. I thought I might like to make fixing up old typewriters my hobby. Typewriters, however, were so heavy. I asked George how much he thought it would cost to send that typewriter by mail. He estimated about $30. The typewriter wasn't practical because sending it by mail was so expensive. I thought I might have a little shop somewhere where I could sell typewriters.

I continued looking until I found another room full of stuff. I realized I had set my typewriter down and I couldn't find it. As I looked for the typewriter, I found some small metal statues of people. They didn't have a lot of detail. I grabbed all of them up, except for a couple which were broken. I asked someone to fetch me a box, but a box couldn't be found, so I held the statues in my hand. Although I knew I was just accumulating more possessions, I was determined to take them.

I also saw some tools lying on the top shelf. I stood up on a bench so I could reach the tools. The tools, however, weren't in good condition.

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