Dream of: 02 March 2011 (2) "Being Famous"

 My ex-wife Louise and I were standing on the steps of a school. I was talking with two girls (probably in their mid 20s). The first girl seemed interested in me, but I told them I was only interested in Louise and in no one else. Louise walked away. Obviously she didn't want me to talk with the girls. She stopped and stood nearby, close enough so she could hear me.

As I was getting ready to walk away, the second girl asked me if what I had said meant that I wasn't going to be interested in anyone. I realized that the second girl was also interested in me. I told her she was very pretty. I thought to myself, however, that I wasn't interested in her, even though she was pretty. I suddenly realized that both girls were interested in me because I had published some books which had become quite popular. I hadn't even been aware that the books had been published. It appeared, however, that people were now interested in me because I was going to be a great writer. I wondered if people would be staring at me when I walked around. My life would be so different now. It had taken so long to reach this point. I seemed calm about my new-found fame. It seemed inevitable that I would have become famous. Nevertheless, being famous was quite a change.

I continued talking to the girl. She was so young, while I felt gaunt and chiseled by age. Although I felt so much older than she, I felt as if I had retained my strength, vigor, and some of my looks. It wasn't completely out of the question that she would be interested in me. Nevertheless, I wasn't interested in the girl. I just wanted to find Louise and see where she had gone. 

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