Dream of: 02 March 2011 "Kings"

success is often

built upon many failures

by the diligent

 I was talking on the phone with a fellow about trying to publish one of my books. I told him I had already written three books and I told him what they were about. I said that the first book was about my friend, Michelle, that I had then written two more books and that I was now working on the fourth book. I wanted to publish the fourth book, which was going to be about kings. I was assembling the many dreams which I had had about kings into a book. At present I was gathering together germane dreams of plays by William Shakespeare in which kings had appeared. I told the fellow I had had dreams about Richard III and Richard IV. I was particularly interested in Richard IV. I asked the fellow if he knew who those kings were. I was surprised when he said he did. Obviously he must be well-read.

I was happy that my books had finally reached the point where I felt they were decent enough to be published.

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