Dream of: 28 February 2011 (2) "Assembled Dreams"

I had just bought some marijuana. While riding a motorcycle through traffic in Hurst, Texas, I was holding the marijuana in a little bowl, and when I had to suddenly stop, I spilled all the marijuana unto the ground. Since there was so much traffic, I didn't stop. Instead I circled back around and when the traffic died down, I picked up as much as I could and put it back in the bowl. Unfortunately, I scooped up a lot of dirt at the same time. As I started riding the motorcycle again, I attempted to separate the dirt from the marijuana.

I arrived at a warehouse where I had been recently working. I walked to an office where I had been living in the back of the building and I spread the marijuana out on a bed which I had in the room. I could see some good pieces of marijuana, including one long bud. Another piece looked fresh and green, as if it had just been picked. There were also a bunch of stems, from which I thought I might make tea.

When some people walked into the warehouse, I had to leave the marijuana lying on the bed and go out to attend to the people. Several people, including some women, were circling through the warehouse and I couldn't keep track of them.

When I finally returned to my room, I found three conservatively dressed women smoking my pot from three different pipes. They certainly didn't look like women who would smoke pot. They were a bit hefty (probably in their 30s) and they looked as if they might be sisters. I could hardly believe what I was seeing. I was upset because I had just purchased the pot and I hadn't even had a chance to smoke it myself. I told the women I had paid $20 for the pot. When I thought more about it, however, I realized I had actually bought two portions of pot (one had been better than the other) and I had paid $20 apiece. Thus I had shelled out $40.

The women didn't seem concerned and I actually wasn't angry. I tried to smoke some from their pipes, but I didn't get much. When I asked them what was left, they showed me a few pieces. I asked them what had happened to the long bud and they said they had already smoked it. I gathered up what was left, which was still a good little bit and I decided to smoke it with them. When I asked them which pipe was best, they chose the black one which I took into my hand.

When one of them asked me something about my writing, I asked them if they had been reading my stuff. I knew I had been assembling some of my dreams into a book which I had also left lying on the bed. They said no, they hadn't been reading it. I thought I would wait until I had smoked a little, then perhaps I would read them some of my dreams and see what they thought of them.

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