Dream of: 28 February 2011 "Heartbroken"

Michelle (about 25 years old, more mature than normal) and I had been having an argument because she had started seeing a tall lanky fellow (also about 25 years old). I was talking with her in the upper rafters of a barn where she was living. The lanky fellow was also up in the rafters. I became angry and left in a huff.

When I returned to the barn, Michelle was in the bathroom with the other fellow. I could tell that they were taking a bath together and probably having sex. I was standing about three meters from the door when I saw someone's eye in the keyhole. The bathroom door opened and Michelle was standing there with a towel wrapped around her. Obviously the fellow was still in the bathtub. I walked over to the door and was almost ready to march into the bathroom, but I didn't. She shut the door and I could hear her telling the fellow that I had been standing right outside the door as if I were ready to come into the bathroom. I knew that wasn't true, even though for a moment I had thought about walking into the bathroom.

I waited a little while until they both walked out. She was still putting on her clothes. He was already dressed. I started ranting about how I wasn't going to be with her anymore if she was going to be having sex with this fellow. She didn't say anything. She simply continued dressing.

The fellow obviously didn't want any problems and he obviously was happy to hear me saying I wasn't going to see Michelle anymore. He held out his hand to shake. I didn't shake his hand and upon further reflection, I told them I couldn't agree to what I had just said, because Michelle was so tempting, I might still end up having sex with her.

Another fellow showed up with whom Michelle had also apparently been having sex. Finally, altogether, four fellows were on the scene. Two were about 25 years old and two were older, probably about 40 years old. I walked over to the side with the two younger fellows and told them that the bad part about it was that Michelle had been the best sex I had ever had. I asked them what they thought and they both emphatically agreed that she had also been the best sex they had ever had. I figured the two older fellows would say the same thing if I were to ask them.

I told the two younger fellows that the sex had become even better after I had started taking Viagra. Neither of them had ever taken Viagra, but they seemed interested to learn about it. I told them that Michelle and I used to have sex for an hour and fifteen minutes until she had to stop because she couldn't take it anymore. She had been so good at sex, I was heartbroken to think I might not have sex with her anymore.

I had a musical instrument in my hand. I stepped over to the side and started loudly singing a plaintive song to myself and looking at Michelle at the same time. Although Michelle could hear me, she was already set on another course. The four other men who were standing around her were helping to take care of her. I had always known that she didn't really need me, that she could always find someone else to take care of her. Clearly I was finally going to lose her.

She walked out of the barn and I was left alone.

Some cows walked into the barn. I had to climb back up into the rafters to avoid being trampled. One black cow with horns almost hit me. Although I was afraid they were even going to climb up into the rafters, I managed to get away from them.

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