Dream of: 26 February 2011 "The Palace"

I was straightening up a big mess which I had made in the front living room of the Ressinger House where I had been staying for a few days. When my great aunt Dorothy came to the door, I moved some clutter from in front of the door and opened the door for her. I apologized for the mess. She stepped into the room and her husband, my great uncle Adolph (Dolf), followed her in. They were both probably in their 60s. Even though I thought Dolf had already died, I wasn't surprised to see him. Neither of them seemed to mind that I had cluttered up the front room.

The place felt homey and I felt good about being there. I told them I was cleaning the place up and I started carrying boxes of stuff back to the kitchen. I realized, however, that I was just carrying the stuff from one room to the next and that I needed to find someplace to put everything. I had already thrown some stuff away, including several books which were in a trash can. One big book was entitled The Palace. Thinking the book probably contained pictures, I picked it up and leafed through it. Indeed, the book contained many old pictures. I thought about keeping it, but I had so much stuff which I needed to dispose of, I put the book back in the trash can.

I had stacked up a number of plastic boxes, one of which was full of old post cards. I knew I also had some little "books" of 20-25 unused postcards each which I need to put in the plastic box with the other post cards. I also needed to rearrange all the plastic boxes in better order.

I thought I heard some religious movie emanating from the front room. It sounded good. I returned to the front room. I knew I needed to leave soon, but I knew I would return. Surprisingly, I liked being there with Dorothy and Dolf. I thought about asking them if my second cousin Jeff visited them much anymore, but since I knew he didn't, I didn't ask.

It crossed my mind that Dorothy and Dolf might even put me in their will since I was spending more time with them, but I doubted they would.

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