Dream of: 25 February 2011 "A Literary Figure"

I was in a high-tech shop, which reminded me of someone's garage. I had it in my mind that I was going to write a high-tech movie about someone who was trying to steal some software information from computers. I was in the shop because the people who worked there knew how to steal information like that. I hoped to get information from them. I intended to act as if I were actually going to steal software information. I wanted to hire the people in the shop, but I was only really interested in obtaining information for my movie.

I waited for a long time. I thought about the plot to my movie, which I thought might involve stealing information from the military. I thought I might start with an action scene which might actually be occurring in the middle of the story. From there, I could work back to the beginning of the story. I could see that the writing of the movie was going to be complicated.

I had parked my red car right inside of this garage/shop. An oriental fellow (around 20 years old) had come with me and he had wandered off. After I had waited for almost an hour, another oriental fellow (about 30 years old) stepped up to me and asked me what I wanted. By then I had decided that I really didn't need any help right then from these people. He seemed a little disappointed when I told him I would have to come back later.

When I started looking for the fellow who had come with me, I couldn't find him. I started walking around and around. I finally walked outside where all the buildings seemed to be adobe. I started walking in circles, looking for the fellow. I was amazed. He had been standing right beside me and he had simply disappeared. I couldn't figure out what could have happened to him. I didn't want to leave him there because we were quite far away from where we lived.

I kept walking around until I ended up on the porch of an old decrepit house about four or five stories high up in the air. An old woman and some children were on the porch. From that height I could see all around me, but I still couldn't see my lost companion anywhere.

The woman was friendly and she started talking. She told me that one of the children (who was only about a year old) liked to eat the rug. I looked down at the child and saw that he was tearing off pieces of an ugly blue carpet and sticking it in his mouth. I was disgusted. The woman said something about the child "eating its droppings." Apparently he also ate tiny little pieces of his own feces. I thought the kid might need medical help to get this stuff out of his body. I told the woman that I almost felt like puking when I watched him eating this stuff.

Two or three more children were on the porch. They were only 2-4 years old. We were on the fourth or fifth floor and they were leaning over the banister. I knew they would probably die if they fell. I almost imagined what it would be like to watch one of them falling. Watching them was frightening.

I realized I needed to get out of there. The concrete stairs stretched straight out before me all the way to the ground. Just as I started off, I realized there was a swarm of hornets right next to the porch. Hundreds of the hornets were swarming right next to me. I realized I would be finished if the hornets started stinging me. I said something to the woman about the hornets and she nonchalantly acknowledged their existence. I thought someone should call the health department and report how dangerous this place was for these children.

I next realized that the concrete steps were falling apart and only a sliver of the steps was still intact. I was so high, if I fell it could be disastrous. I sat down on my butt and began gingerly sliding down the stairs. When I had almost reached the bottom, the woman hollered out to me that there were only two worlds. I immediately knew what she was talking about. She was referring to the poor people and the well-to-do people, or the haves and the have-nots. I thought what she was saying was true. There were only two worlds and either a person lived in one or the other. The woman was definitely in the world of the have-nots. It was so easy to end up where she was, even though she didn't seem stupid. She had simply ended up there and now she was trapped. It wasn't a pleasant place to be.

I finally made it to the bottom. When I stood back up. I knew I was lost. I remembered the woman had told me to go to the top of the street until I could see the Empire State Building, but as I started walking, everything looked so strange, I couldn't tell where I was. I seemed to be in a forested area with peculiar-looking intricate wooden houses here and there in the forest. It was interesting but it also seemed dangerous because all the houses looked so decrepit. It looked slummy, but somehow still enchanting. It reminded me of a video game with surrealistic surroundings. It was a fantasy world such as I had never seen before.

I continued up and down some little valleys. Peculiar rocks were stacked up in one area. I started to climb down a wooden ladder (the rungs of which consisted of logs around 15 centimeters in diameter) into one little valley, but the descent became so steep, and the valley looked so muddy, I turned around and climbed back up. As I stood at the top of the ladder, I looked up and noticed a woman standing on the third story of an old dilapidated house. I was beginning to think that she was the only person living around there and that all the other houses were empty. She told me to come on up.

Just as I was ready to go up to her, a fellow (only 17-18 years old) pulled up on a bicycle. I realized I had seen the fellow back in the garage/shop when I had been thinking about my movie plot. I thought perhaps he could help me find my way out of there. He seemed friendly at first, but when I asked him if he could help me, if he could simply tell me the right direction, he said no and rode off.

I looked back up at the woman. She was ugly. She was only about 40 years old, but she looked as if she had lost her teeth. I really didn't want to go up to her.

I started walking again on a path through the trees. I thought I might have some credit cards with me. I thought I might have an American Express with a $5,000 limit. If I could just find a place to stay, or a taxi, I could use a credit card. But no one was even out on the dirt path I was walking. If I could just see a road in the distance with traffic on it, I could head in that direction.

I thought I needed a stick or a cane in case someone attacked me. I looked around but I didn't think I was going to find what I needed. I wondered what it would be like if I could just look off in the distance and see a city down below close to the ocean, almost like Los Angeles. If I could just see which direction to go toward the actual city, then I could just head in that direction. I only needed to know the direction.

I finally reached another house and I walked up on the porch. Some people were sitting on three or four benches. I realized the place was some kind of a church. I sat down. I was only wearing shorts and I was starting to get cold. It was late in the day - the sun was setting.

All the people sitting there were probably about 50 years old.  Someone said that I would need to have something to do with "the water of Christ." A man who was obviously the preacher walked up and started talking as if he were giving a sermon. He spoke about how Karl Marx was a literary figure. I didn't agree with what he was saying.

I didn't think that Karl Marx had written what I considered to be literature. I seemed to have dozens of literary quotes in my mind and I started spouting out several of them to prove my point that Marx hadn't been a literary figure. I said, "It's not true."

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