Dream of: 24 February 2011 "Back To The Future"

I had traveled back into the past to a giant high school which I had attended when I had been younger. However, as I walked through the halls, the place seemed futuristic.

Another fellow (probably in his late teens) was leading me through the school. He seemed like some kind of hero and he was trying to find something very wrong which had happened in the school. We were trying to fix something back in the past. We were looking for clues and we had already found several clues. The fellow found a Rolodex which he quickly flipped through and he found a card with my name on it. When he handed the card to me, I thought it might be a clue. He told me not to get worked up about it because he didn't think it was a clue.

Something had been written on the card and a picture of a woman's head had been cut out of a newspaper and pasted on the card. As we walked down a hall and I held the card in my hand, I realized the glue (white Elmer's glue) which had been used for the picture, was still wet. That meant that we had come back into the past to the exact day when I had made the card and put it in the Rolodex. I thought that was terribly significant. There must be a reason for that.

The fellow opened the door to a small room where a man and woman were inside. They obviously were the evil characters in this drama. They were doing something in the room, and the other fellow and I immediately tried to stop them, but they were very strong. The man (probably in his mid 30s) was dressed all in black. My companion and I opened a door on the other side of the room and four or five characters walked in. They all resembled the character Chewbacca from the Star Wars movies. They quickly subdued the man and the woman. After restraining the man and woman, three of the Chewbacca characters put their arms around each other's shoulders (creating a little circle) and did a dance. It was almost as if I were watching an animated cartoon. I told my companion that the dance reminded me of an exact scene which I had seen in one of the Star Wars movies when three of the main Star Wars characters had done a similar dance.

My companion acted as if he didn't remember such as scene, as if he were too young to have seen Star Wars because Star Wars was such an old movie. I told him the scene had actually occurred in the third Star Wars movie, not in the original one, although I couldn't remember the exact name of the third Star Wars movie. But he still couldn't quite remember the scene.

My companion and I walked out of the room and reached a spacious area. It began to seem more as if I were inventing the story as we went along. Even though I was still the character, it was more as if I were watching what was happening instead of actually participating in the action.

Although we were still in the past, everything was more futuristic than ever. My companion handed me a little device which I thought would give me super powers. When I raised my head back up from looking at the device, I was all alone, and the place suddenly seemed very scary. I thought I could hear someone hollering for help somewhere. I knew I still needed to do something to complete this adventure, which I seemed to also be creating as I continued along.

With the help of the device I began rising off the ground and floating in the air. I started floating down a series of circular stairs, descending farther and farther. As a floated downward, I thought about the fact that I was both creating and participating in this adventure. I picked up speed as I became more adept at flying down the wide futuristic-looking circular stairs.

Something about what I was doing reminded me of the Back To The Future movies. I couldn't remember exactly what had happened in the Back To The Future movies, but my being back in a past which looked futuristic seemed somehow similar to what had happened in those movies.

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