Dream of: 20 February 2011 "Accepting What's Done"

My ex-wife Carolina and I were in the Summerdale Drive House. I had come to visit, and then realized I still had some possessions in the House which I needed to move out. Among the possessions were two brown bedroom sets which resembled those which my father and my mother owned when I was a young child. I realized the bedroom sets were worth something. I also looked around for the two large dancing-figure lamps, then realized I already had those.

I realized I would have quite a few things to load up. This was going to be a major move. I thought I had already done something like this once before. I thought I would call my father to come and help me.

I was glad to realize, however, that I had already loaded up one of the bedroom sets, although not perfectly. I could reload the set if I wanted. But I thought reloading the bedroom set would be like writing  some of my dreams all over. It took so long do something like that, it was better to simply accept what had been done. A week's worth of work had already been done. I thought how sometimes I might have worked on writing dreams for a week and I just had to accept the finished product.

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