Dream of: 19 February 2011 (2) "American People's Party"

I was on the first floor of a two-story house where I was living in a residential neighborhood. I had just taken a shower and had put my clothes back on. I had my long hair wrapped in a pink towel. When I heard a knock at the door, I could see a pretty woman (probably in her mid 20s) standing outside. I took the towel off my head and answered the door.

By the time I opened the door, however, the woman had walked back to the sidewalk, and I saw that she had left a paper on the door. When she saw me, she walked back to the door. We started talking and I quickly realized she was there to tell me about a new political party which she wanted me to join.

I wondered if she would come into the house. She was so pretty, I didn't know whether she would. When I invited her in, she stepped right inside. We walked into the living room and sat down - she sat in an easy chair. I quickly learned that the name of the party was "The American People's Party." I was interested in hearing about the party, although I didn't think I would join. It seemed as if I didn't want to join because I didn't want people to know where I was for some reason. We continued talking and I told her that I wasn't registered with any parties.

I told her that only one issue interested me and that I would like to know where her party stood on that particular issue. I told her I thought the legalization of drugs was the most important issue. She seemed a little surprised, as if she weren't even aware that the legalization of drugs was an issue. I could see that this conversation wasn't going to go far. She wanted to know why I thought that way. I asked her if she knew how much better life would be if drugs were legalized, or even if only marijuana was legalized.

I began thinking about all the different advantages of having marijuana legalized. I asked her if she knew how many people had been killed in the last year along the border between Mexico and the United States. I was thinking that 30,000 people had been killed in the drug war in Mexico. The woman, however, seemed uninformed.

I told her that if I were going to join a party, I would probably join the Libertarian Party because I knew the Libertarian Party was in favor of drug legalization. I was a little unhappy with the Libertarian Party, however, because it appeared as if they hadn't made any progress on the issue.

I thought perhaps the woman and I could talk more about political parties because I thought I knew a little about the subject. I told her I knew the GOP had been founded at the time of Abraham Lincoln and I told her I thought the present Democratic Party dated back to the time of Thomas Jefferson. I knew a different Democratic Party had existed prior to the time of the present Democratic Party.

The more I looked at her, the prettier she looked. I was more interested in her than anything else. She had black hair and a well-rounded figure. I finally asked, "How old are you?"

When she acted as if she didn't want to tell me, I told her I thought she was about twenty-five. I had the feeling that my guess was pretty close.

Since she didn't seem to be in any hurry to leave, I thought we could sit and talk for a while longer.

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