Dream of: 19 February 2011 "Sip Pour Un Taredo"

I had just starting going to a class where number of students were seated at desks. I took my seat. I didn't know anyone there. Among the students was my old philosophy professor, Rembert Glass (only about 25 years old). I wanted to meet some of the students, and I heard Rembert make a comment to some of them that he liked "the Babylon show." I knew he was referring to Babylon 5. I said, "Yea, Babylon 5, I watch that."

Rembert said, "Sip pour un taredo."

I recognized his words as a quote of something a character on one of the Babylon 5 shows had said. I said, "Yea, I remember that."

I knew that I had watched three and a half of the five seasons of Babylon 5, but I hadn't seen all the episodes. I recalled that the word "sip" meant a taste of something, and that the word "pour" was like the French word which meant "for." But I didn't remember the exact meaning of the phrase which Rembert had quoted. I knew the phrase, however, had some kind of philosophical meaning and I tried to remember the meaning.

Rembert was sitting in the row next to mine, just a little in front of me. I asked him what the phrase was in reference to. He started trying to explain the phrase to me.

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