Dream of: 16 February 2011 "Asteroids"

I was sitting in a large church in which a service was in progress. A preacher was standing behind a pulpit at the front.

My mind, however, was elsewhere. I wanted to look up in book a section on astroids. I knew that the books, however, were in a little room behind the preacher. Even though the sermon was in progress, I stood up, walked up to the little room, found the book (a reference work) and brought it back to my seat. The book was more or less like an encyclopedia and I looked for the word "astroids" but I couldn't find it. I took the book back to the room, picked up another reference book and returned to my seat. I looked up the word "astroids" again, and again was unable to find it. I carried the second book to the room and this time I found an actual encyclopedia which I carried back to my seat. I looked up "astroids" again, couldn't find it, and carried the encyclopedia back.

Suddenly I realized I might be spelling the word wrong. Perhaps the correct spelling was "asteroids." I picked up one of the books which I had already used, looked up the word "asteroids" and found it.

I wanted to read the article, but the service was just about to end. I thought I might just take the book with me. I thought I could sneak the book out and bring it back on Monday. I really didn't want to take the book that way though, so I doubted I would.

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