Dream of: 15 February 2011 "The Curse"

the promise of death

is a promise of god heard

often in one's dreams

I was lying on a bed in a hospital. After arriving at the hospital, I had been given a shot in my left arm. Gradually I recalled what had happened to me. I remembered that I had been sitting in front of someone's house and a police officer had shot me in the leg after mistaking me for someone else.

As I lay on the bed, I noticed that my left arm was turning dark green. I looked at my right arm and saw that it was also turning green. I pulled up my pants legs and saw that both my legs were also turning green. I thought perhaps a substance on the bullet had caused the problem. I hollered for the nurses, who entered the room. As soon as they looked at me, they turned and ran screaming out of the room.

A succession of doctors came and left the room. I asked the first doctor what my chances were. He said there was one chance in three that I would start feeling intense pain. I wanted to know what my chance of survival was. I had the feeling the chances were slim, but the doctor would not tell me.

 As I perceived that the doctors were obviously becoming more and more worried, I wondered if they were more worried about their own liability than about my health. One doctor was dressed differently than the others. He was wearing a sports tee-shirt with a number on the front. I thought he seemed to know what he was doing. When I asked him if he had ever handled a case like mine, he replied, "No."

Slowly I realized that I had contracted an extremely rare affliction. I told the doctors I wanted to see my father and my mother, but no one paid any attention to me. Finally, I told them I wanted to see a lawyer, and I mentioned that I was a lawyer. I thought I might have said the wrong thing, because I thought that they now might become more concentrated on their own liability than on my well-being. I began to worry that the doctors might simply try to kill me and I thought if I had the chance to speak to my father, I needed to tell him that the hospital might be liable if I died.

Quite a few people had crowded into the room, including police officers and one man dressed in a military uniform who appeared to be a general. Finally, a man and woman dressed in black suits walked into the room. The man had black hair and the woman had long black hair. Both were probably in their late 30s. As they worked on me, I became very frightened that they were going to harm me. I pleaded with them to give me a phone so I could call my parents, but they would not listen to me.

Suddenly I had a paroxysm and seemed to be losing control of my body. I made an awful gurgling sound and seemed to be losing my ability to speak. I seemed to be lapsing into unconsciousness. My surroundings began looking fuzzy and vague. My thoughts were scrambled and I was unable to think well. I hollered out that I would curse them if they did something to me. First the man and the woman in black, then everyone else in the room burst out laughing. Intending to invoke God and curse them, I began saying, "Oh God of David, Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, Lao-Tzu ..."

I was going to say "Confucius" next, but I could not remember his name.

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