Dream of: 14 February 2011 "Spanish-Speaking Women"

I had gone to visit a city and I was now in a big hall with hundreds and hundreds of people - some sitting in chairs, some walking around. I tried to listen to some people who were singing on a stage at one end of the room, but mainly I was thinking of picking up a woman and having sex with her. I had recently had very pleasurable sex with a couple women and I had decided I wanted to have sex with as many women as I could. I walked around the room and looked and looked, but I couldn't find anyone. I recalled that the two women with whom I had recently had sex had picked me up, which had made things easy for me.

Suddenly I heard some singing on the other end of the room. I looked and saw a movie screen on the wall, and on the screen an Hispanic man was singing in Spanish. I stepped up to an Hispanic-looking man and asked him (in Spanish) who the man on the screen was. The man seemed surprised to hear me speaking Spanish. We exchanged a few words in Spanish, then he began speaking almost perfect English. He said he didn't know who the man on the screen was.

I walked on to what appeared to be a Spanish section where people were sitting. I thought I would prefer to find a Spanish-speaking woman anyway. Several women were sitting there, but none of them appealed to me. Finally I recalled that my ex-step-mother, Paz and my ex-wife Carolina had come to this place with me. I saw Paz sitting in a chair and I remarked how pretty she looked. I thought she was about 20 years younger than I. I decided I wanted to be with her. I walked over to her and sat next to her, with her on my right. I leaned my head onto her shoulder. She seemed content. I had heard that she was doing the same thing I was doing: she had been looking for a man and she had been having affairs with different men.

I asked her if she was going to eat later. I then said, "Quiero comer contigo." I reflected that I had used the familiar form "contigo" rather than the more formal form "con usted" when I had addressed her. I thought it was time to start talking with her on a more familiar basis. I suddenly wanted to be with her. I thought she had wanted to be with me for a long time, anyway, so I thought she would be pleased.

She answered, "Si." She told me that she did want to eat with me. I told her we didn't need to eat right then, but that we would eat a little later.

I felt so good having my head on her shoulder and being close to her. I thought Carolina couldn't complain anymore because she was married. I was definitely going to make a move for Paz.

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