Dream of: 12 February 2011 (2) "Letting The Cover Fall"

I was sitting on a couch in the middle room on the first floor of the Gay Street House. My back was toward the kitchen door. My sister (probably in her late teens) was sitting next to me on my left. I had a cover over me but I was naked under the cover. As I sat there, I started to have an erection.

I could hear my father in the House. Once he even walked into the room. I thought he might become upset about my sister and me. It looked as if we had spent the night sleeping together, although we hadn't touched each other. He finally went back upstairs.

Somehow a car pulled up right next to my sister and me and a woman in the car started talking to us. She soon pulled off and again my sister and I were left alone together. My sister was being quite friendly. I moved closer and closer to her until I finally rested my left elbow on her pubic area. I started rubbing my elbow against her and it felt so good. My penis grew harder and harder. Obviously she was allowing me to continue. Finally I raised up and let the cover fall from me. Standing over top of her, I stuck my penis into her mouth. She pulled my penis out for a second, apparently to remove a hair, then she stuck it back in her mouth. I thought I would hold her head in my hands and start moving her head back and forth. The situation was extremely erotic.

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