Dream of: 11 February 2011 (2) "The Friendly Nark"

While I was walking along the Ohio River in Portsmouth, I ran into a fellow whom I knew, and a second fellow whom I didn't know. The first fellow whom I knew had a large pile of marijuana which was sitting on the ground and which he was smoking with the second fellow. As I watched them smoke, I realized the second fellow was a nark. I also realized that the first fellow knew that the second fellow was a nark. I thought it very strange that the first fellow and the nark would be smoking pot together.

We started talking and the nark said that he had no intention of busting the first fellow and that he (the nark) frequently smoked pot. I wanted some of the pot myself, but the nark scared me.

The nark put some pot into some kind of homemade device and smoke started coming out of the device. I took a hit. The nark then put more pot in a pop can and when smoke started coming out of the can, I took another hit.

The nark (probably only in his late 20s) was very friendly. I rather liked the fellow, but he made me nervous because I didn't know if he could be trusted. I didn't know what would happen if a police car would pull up. Perhaps the nark would simply wave off the police. He might show them that he was a nark so they wouldn't bother us.

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