Dream of: 10 February 2011 (3) "Death In The Family"

While my father and I were in a room together, we heard the telephone roughly ring. I picked up the old-fashioned receiver and answered, but no one was on the phone. I also checked several cellular phones which were lying there, but no one was on those either. I thought my mother might have been trying to call. I was starting to become a little worried because I hadn't heard from her in a while.

My father and I walked outside and boarded a car so we could go and look for my mother. We rode out to a pond in a park where we thought we might find her. When we pulled up, the pond was on my right and some benches were on my left. Some people were standing around. I noticed the level of the water in the pond seemed higher than usual. I knew my mother sometimes frequented this pond, but I didn't see her anywhere. I saw a woman who I at first thought looked like my mother, by it wasn't her. I said to my father, "We better go find her."

He replied, "We've already found her."

I asked, "Where?"

He answered something unintelligible, then climbed out of the car while I watched a message which flashed across the front of the radio. The message said, "Betty Collier dies" and then gave the time of her death, which had been within the last hour. I was choked up. Obviously my father had seen the message before he had gotten out of the car and he had known that I would see it. When my father climbed back into the car, I felt as if I were going to cry, I was so torn up. I thought I would no longer have anyone who really cared about me. I wouldn't be able to visit her anymore.

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