Dream of: 10 February 2011 "Burnt Alive"

I was in a motel room with two men and their wives. The women (each about 30 years old) were scantily dressed and very attractive. One of the women, dressed only in panties and a white bra, began flirting with me. We quickly decided we were going to have sex. It seemed as if the husbands didn't care. She and I walked into the next room, whereupon she changed her mind. Instead of having sex, she decided she was going to set herself afire and burn herself to death. I decided to go along with her and do the same thing.

She sat down and crossed her legs in a lotus position. I lay down in front of her, even though I was somewhat hesitant to carry through, especially since I still rather wanted to have sex with her. Suddenly she somehow set herself on fire and I realized that I was also on fire. As I watched her burn, I started feeling the pain myself. I hollered out, "Oh God!"

Nevertheless, I didn't want to stop. I realized the woman's flesh was starting to melt off. My flesh was also melting. I was in pain, but I didn't think it would last long. I remained lying on my back as I continued to burn.

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