Dream of: 09 February 2011 "Old Superman Comic"

dormant power can be awakened

I was in a large room which reminded me of a restaurant with booths along both sides of a long aisle. It appeared that a comic book convention was taking place and I had carried in a big stack of comic books. I sat down close to the front. A thin black-haired woman (probably in her early 30s) sitting at a table right on the other side of the aisle from me was going to be in charge of the group.

I had something which I wanted to show to her. I had been comparing the size of old comics with the size of new comics. I had a copy of an old Superman comic which was about the size of a big Life magazine. I also had a modern comic which was only about the size of my thumb nail. I wanted to compare the two comics to the woman and so I laid the new comic on top of the old one. It looked as if the old comic was about 100 times larger than the new comic.

A man with a camera was with the woman. When he aimed his camera at me, I held the two comics up together. When the woman looked at the comics, I told her that that was the difference between a comic from the 1930s and a modern comic. She looked astounded. I held the comics up for a few more seconds, then laid them down on the stack next to me.

I began wondering if my Superman comic really was from the 1930s. I opened it up and saw that the copyright date was 1939. I was surprised that I had a Superman that old, but I knew I had several other copies of Superman which might even be older than that.

A young fellow (probably 18-19 years old) sitting across from me in the booth also had a big stack of comics. I felt a little ridiculous because most of the people in the room were young, while I was probably about 45 years old.

I looked at my stack of comics. Several were about a superhero about whom I knew nothing. I picked up those comics and thought I should at least look at the covers to see if I could determine the powers of the superhero. I didn't want to look through the whole stack at the moment, but after looking at one cover, I thought it seemed clear that the superhero's hands were like jackhammers and that his hands could push away anything. On one cover, the superhero appeared to be pushing a big building, perhaps a prison, from one place to another.

The fellow across from me had a stack of comics as well as some paperbacks which toppled over. I noticed that one paperback was The Three Musketeers and I wondered if the fellow had read the book. I thought he and I might be able to discuss something like that. But I felt so old there.

The meeting was taking a while to get started. The woman on the other side of the aisle was talking with a girl sitting in front of her. The woman and the girl appeared to be having a problem. It looked as if the girl had done something wrong, although I couldn't figure out what.

When the meeting was about to begin, I suddenly heard someone holler, "They make automobiles!"

The idea being conveyed was that some people who read comics actually went on in life to make real things such as automobiles. I reflected that some people were doing things in the world with their lives, whereas I really wasn't doing anything. At least I had been a lawyer for awhile. I thought I might even start practicing law again. I felt as if I weren't doing anything at the moment and as if I needed to be doing something.

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