Dream of: 08 February 2011 "Dreams And Comics"

I was a high officer in the military during World War II and I was ordered to break American prisoners out of a POW camp while other officers were ordered to break prisoners out of four or five other POW camps. I began to imagine what the break-out would be like and the imagery became so strong that I could vividly see the actual breakout. A bomb went off in a building and dozens of soldiers came streaming out. Some were wearing military leather jackets. Smoke poured out of building. As I watched, I thought about a knife I had which was missing and I recalled putting the knife in a plastic cellophane bag with other things. My thoughts of the silver knife were so vivid, I could see it in my hand. It had several blades. But I then realized that my mother had used the bag with the knife for the bomb which had gone off. I wished my mother would leave my stuff alone. Suddenly I thought about the scenes of the POWs escaping and I realized how much the scenes had looked like the scenes in a comic books. I also realized that the scenes were similar to the scenes in a dream. I now saw the connection between dreams and comics. comics and dreams were presented in similar scene-like images.

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