Dream of: 06 February 2011 "Treasure Hunt"

My girlfriend (probably in her mid 20s) and I had walked into a little store. I noticed some record albums lined up on a shelf and I became interested. I thought I saw a copy of Disraeli Gears by Cream, but I was mistaken. I looked at some of the other albums and quickly found a 10 inch cover with an exquisite portrait drawing on the cover. The drawing had been signed by the artist. I continued looking and found another 12 inch album signed by the same artist and then another album with a signed portrait. I looked for the price on the back of the albums and found stickers which looked as if they were priced at $1.11. I knew I didn't need to be buying more junk to take home, but the albums were obviously worth considerably more than the price and I figured I could sell them on eBay if I wanted, so I decided to buy them. I continued looking and found more and more albums which I wanted to buy. I put them all in a box over to the side and soon I had 20-30 albums.

I walked around the store and soon found other items which interested me, including some little statuettes. It appeared as if all the stuff had just been set out and had probably come from the estate of someone who had died. As more people began entering the store and looking around, I realized I needed to act fast if I wanted to find anything before it was all picked over. I checked with my girlfriend to make sure she was watching my box so no one would take anything which I had put in the box.

I continued looking. I found some postcards which interested me and I picked up several which had the stamps and writing on the back. Then I began thinking I might be able to find some comic books. I saw a couple boxes of comics on a shelf, but they looked like newer copies and I didn't think they would be of much interest. I wished I could find a room full of old comics at a cheap price. If I did, I might just haul off several boxes.

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