Dream of: 05 February 2011 "Deflated Monkey"

My mother and I had traveled to another city which we were visiting for a few days. We were staying with a family there. My mother was probably in her 40s and I was probably in my 20s. This was the third day we had been in the town. We had gone sightseeing the first two days. We were staying in a large old two-story frame house. We were on the second floor in a large double-room which was quite disordered. I decided that today I was going to straighten up the room. I looked around and saw junk piled everywhere.

I walked over to a tall window which was only about a half meter wide and I pulled up the plastic white blinds. When I saw that the windows frames were askew, I started trying to straighten them. I straightened them up, but I needed to replace some missing screws to secure them. I knew there was a screwdriver in the room and I seemed to have seen a box of screws somewhere in the house.

I looked over the rest of the room. The mattress on the bed was tilted at a 45 degree angle and twisted to one side. I started picking up things off the floor. I found a nice blue face mask for keeping dust out of the mouth. I had the feeling the mask belonged to Wheat. I wasn't sure, but I thought Wheat might live in the house. I found some tools which I started putting in a stack so I could carry them downstairs or to the basement. In one corner I found a stuffed animal which was missing the stuffing. It was a monkey. The cloth was a dull-red color. I thought it would probably stand about a meter tall if it had the stuffing in it. I picked it up then threw it back down.

I thought I might stuff everything into a big closet which was in the room. But I didn't really want to put the stuff in the closet. I actually even wanted to clean out the closet. The room was in such disorder, both on my side and on my mother's side.

I wanted to straighten up the room because I thought I might want to stay there for a while. I knew that a woman (probably in her 50s) who served as the matriarch of the place lived in the house and I thought she would be more understanding if the room were cleaned up. I doubted she would want me to stay permanently, but I thought there was at least a chance if I would simply straighten up the place.

I liked the place. I thought if I didn't stay this time, I might come back another time.

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