Dream of: 04 February 2011 "Third Grade"

I had decided that I wanted to return to grade school and go through the third grade. I had written a letter to send to the third-grade teacher (who I thought was a woman) at the school. Along with the letter, I had written a little story which I had printed out. The prologue to the story was a poem, which was followed by three or four pages of the printed story. I was contemplating sending the story with the letter.

The sides of the pages were perforated so they would run through the printer. I had intended to tear off the perforated parts, but I saw that the printing had gone over into the perforated sections so I couldn't tear them off. However, I would be able to tear off part of the top of the first page.

As I was sitting there, I realized that I was already at the school. I was in a room which somewhat resembled the kitchen of the House in Patriot. A young woman (about 20 years old) stepped up to me. I thought she might be the teacher. She demanded to know if I had the letter ready. I looked at my paper. I wasn't quite finished. I still had some work to do on the story. Nevertheless, I took a pencil and signed my name, "Steve Collier," at the bottom of the cover letter. The woman watched what I was doing.

I noticed that the letter was addressed to someone named "Sull" who I thought was a woman. The woman, however, motioned to a tall thin man with short black hair. Apparently he was the teacher. He walked over to me and looked at the letter which was lying in front of me. I immediately said, "This is gonna seem weird, really weird."

He looked at the letter and shook his head. He obviously thought it strange that an old man such as myself would want to return to the third grade in school. That I would want to sit in a class with a bunch of kids seemed strange. It even seemed strange to me.

I thought, however, that I still needed to complete a year of grade school. Suddenly I remembered that I actually had skipped the third grade when I had been in elementary school. So I thought I had a good reason for returning to the third grade because I had never completed the third grade. At the same time, it still certainly seemed odd that an old man such as myself would want to return to school and sit in a room with a bunch of kids. school.

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