Dream of: 21 January 2011 (2) "Expensive Condoms"

I was in the apartment of a very pretty blonde-haired girl (probably in her early 20s) whom I had been dating for about three years. I had just discovered that she had been seeing two other fellows during that same time. I knew she had been living with one fellow, but I hadn't known about the second fellow. I also discovered that she had 17 videos showing her having sex with the other fellows. Although I was disturbed by this revelation, when she walked into the room, I felt as if I wanted to have sex with her. I realized, however, that I didn't have a condom and that I would need a condom in order to have sex with her.

Since I knew there was a little convenience store on the corner, she and I left and went to the store. We stayed in the store for a short while, then left. Immediately I realized I had forgotten to buy the condom, so I turned around and walked back into the store. I saw some little bags of condoms which showed the sizes, but there were no prices. It looked as if some bags only contained one condom, while other bags contained several condoms.

I didn't like to ask the price for condoms. Nevertheless I carried a couple bags to the counter. I was told that one condom would cost $5. That was too expensive for me. I put the bags back and thought we would go to another store. I definitely wasn't going to pay that much for a condom.

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