Dream of: 20 January 2011 "Learning Spanish"

I was driving a big step-van around Portsmouth until I finally parked it close to the fire station on Gallia Street. I stepped out, walked around for a bit, and when I returned, a couple black-haired Hispanic women (each about 30 years old) and a child were inside the back of the van (which seemed like a little one-room apartment). I knew that one of the women sometimes cooked and sold food out of the van. I told her I was going to drive to another part of town where she could sell what she cooked. I was a little worried because I wasn't sure selling food that way was legal. Even though I thought I might get in trouble, I was going to allow her to do it.

As I was talking in Spanish to the women, my old friend Steve Weinstein (about 25 years old) suddenly walked up and stepped into the van. He seemed intrigued that I was talking in Spanish. I blurted out something to him in Spanish, but he didn't understand. I said, "Todavia estás tratando de aprender espanol."

Steve wanted me to tell him what I had said. He was quite friendly. I thought he was probably impressed that I had at least learned Spanish over the years. I started explaining to him one word at a time what the words meant which I had used. I told him that "todavia" meant "still."

At the same time that I was talking to Steve, I was pulling on a piece of clothing - a piece of clear plastic which I started pulling over my head. One word at a time I continued through the whole sentence and finally I told him that the sentence meant "You are still trying to learn Spanish."

He seemed impressed.

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