Dream of: 19 January 2011 "Science Fiction Movies"

My father was driving a car in which some other people and I were riding through the country. I was thinking about science fiction movies which I had watched. As I was analyzing various movies, one particular scene from a movie came into my mind. I knew the scene had been important in a science fiction movie which I had seen, but I couldn't recall which movie the scene had been in.

In the scene, Bruce Willis had been playing a character who was at the bottom of a bomb crater. A war was raging around him. I could visualize the scene but I couldn't remember the movie. Suddenly I remembered that the word "Monkeys" had been in the title of the movie and I thought the movie might have been called The Seven Monkeys. Then I thought it might have been called The Ten Monkeys. I debated back and forth whether the move had been called The Seven Monkeys or The Ten Monkeys until I finally decided it had been called The Ten Monkeys. I wasn't sure why, but that particular scene seemed to have a special meaning for me.

My father suddenly pulled in somewhere and announced that we were going to a funeral. I didn't know what funeral he was talking about. He said I had an uncle named "Arnold Palmer" who had died. Palmer was married to my great aunt May, whose last name I thought was Palmer.

Two other fellows about my age were in the car. They were friends of mine. We all got out and walked into a building. We were all hungry and hoped we might be able to eat something inside. Inside, the place seemed like a large auditorium. I saw my great aunt May, who looked as if she might be in her early 60s. She was sitting in a seat close to the front. Someone was sitting next to her. I started walking over top the seats toward the front. My father said to watch out, that I was going to fall, but I made it all the way to the front close to where May was. She stood up and walked over to me. I asked her if she knew who I was, but she didn't recognize me. I said, "I'm Steve Collier."

She started hugging me. She said my father and my mother were also there. After hugging her for a minute, I told her I was so sorry for her loss. She backed up and looked at me strangely, as if to ask what I was talking about. I told I was talking about her husband Arnold Palmer, who had died. She said he wasn't dead. She said this was someone else's funeral.

I called my father to me and I said, "You told me Arnold Palmer died."

He replied, "Arnold Kramer."

I realized I had misunderstood when my father had first told me the name. May backed up and walked away. She sat down again by herself.

I felt dazed. I looked around me and was surprised to see shelves with all kinds of little cactus plants sitting on them.

I started thinking that I needed to start thinking about my science fiction movies again and start trying to understand them.

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