Dream of: 18 January (2) 2011 "Different Prices"

I was sitting at a table with a person sitting on my left and a black-haired woman (in her early 20s) sitting straight across from me. The woman was attractive but not beautiful. I had come to learn that the woman was a prostitute. I had never talked with her about it, but I thought she would be interested in having me as a client. I, however, wasn't interested in her.

When the person on my left stood and left, I looked at the woman across from me and I asked, "Cuanto cobras?"

I knew that she spoke Spanish and I wanted to speak to her in Spanish because other people were around. She understood what I had said and she started talking, but I couldn't understand what she was saying. I couldn't even understand whether she was speaking English or Spanish. Her words seemed convoluted. I continued talking to her in Spanish, trying to determine how much she would charge to have sex with me. I finally figured out that she was telling me that she had different prices, depending on what she did. She said something about "tying" and I thought she might be talking about tying a string around the penis so the erection would last longer. I finally got a price of $90 out of her. I thought $90 would cover anything which I wanted. It sounded expensive. I definitely wasn't interested, but I did think she was pretty and I wondered what having sex with her would be like.

I mentioned Michelle to her. She knew Michelle and she knew that Michelle and I were somewhat together. But she didn't tell me what she thought about Michelle and me being together.

I had difficulty understanding how she could go to bed with strange men for money. For some reason, I thought she might want to bring one of her clients to my house to have sex. I thought I could let her use one of my rooms.

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