Dream of: 18 January 2011 "Unlocked Door"

I had gone to the Summerdale Drive House to visit my ex-wife Carolina. She and I were in the back bedroom next to the garage.

My pet Dalmatian Picasso was lying on his back on the floor and I was playing with him, rubbing his stomach.  He didn't have any black spots. He was all white and a little dirty. He didn't look healthy and I was concerned about the state of his health.

Carolina and I had already had sex the day before. She was standing right in front of me and I was sitting down. She was only wearing a gown which fell to her knees. She started climbing on me as if she were going to sit down on me. I put my hand on her left leg. I wasn't sure whether she was wearing panties.

I wasn't completely comfortable with what we were doing because I was afraid someone might show up. I could look into a window in the door and I could see the reflection of the back screen door in the living room. I saw the living room door open and I told Carolina that someone had come in. I told her to stand up. She did so, but she was still pressed against me.

I looked up and Carolina's husband, Sal, walked through the door into the back bedroom. He stood there looking at Carolina, but he didn't look at me. He was obviously enraged. He said a few nasty words, turned, and walked back out of the room.

I stood up and walked with Carolina into the living room. I was going to leave. I realized I had been stupid by parking my car in plain sight out back and by leaving the back door unlocked. I also realized that Sal no longer lived in the House, that he had moved out, and that he and Carolina had separated. I thought I might have to fight him. If necessary, I would do so.

Sal came from Carolina's bedroom back into the living room and he told me that I had to leave. He was carrying some silver tools in his hand. I thought I would be best advised to leave without further incident, if possible. I headed toward the back door.

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