Dream of: 15 January (2) 2011 "Difficult Flying"

While dressed in a jacket and blue jeans in the living room of the Gallia County Farmhouse, I heard a noise and I looked out the window. Four vehicles were headed into the field in front of the Farmhouse. Soon, more trucks and trailers showed up, practically a whole caravan. I seemed to recall that my father had been intending to send some vehicles up to the Farm, but I hadn't been aware that the vehicles were coming today. I wasn't sure, but I thought that my father had probably bought the vehicles cheap and that he intended to sell them. I thought that somehow he was paying people in drugs to bring the vehicles there.

Soon the vehicles were all over the place. One little brown and white car was parked right outside the window. It looked like a station wagon but was only about half the size of a normal car. I thought the car was pretty. 

People finally started coming into the Farmhouse. Perhaps 15 people walked into the Farmhouse and sat down. My nephew Steven (in his mid 20s) was among them. I spoke to Steven and mentioned that my sister (his mother) was involved with all these people coming. I thought it figured that my father had enlisted my sister's help in his scheme. Obviously she must be making money from it. I thought I ought to also figure out some way of making money there on the Farm.

I told Steven that I liked the little brown station wagon which was sitting outside. I then asked him if he had seen Birdie (my old black-haired girlfriend from my late teens). I asked because I had heard that either Birdie or her husband might be involved in transporting the vehicles to the Farm. Steven seemed to know something about Birdie, but he hadn't seen her. That was a little puzzling.

After I sat down on the floor, a boy (15-16 years old) walked up to me and asked me if I had "a fifteen" and if I would put it on the table for him. I knew that he was talking about drugs and that he wanted to know if I had a fifteen milligram tablet of Oxycontin. I didn't. I thought the boy must have thought I had drugs because my father was paying the people in drugs to come there.

The boy said he had seen me going to get some drugs one time. I recalled one time that my friend Michelle and I had gone out in the country to visit Michelle's black friend Annie (whose name I thought was Angie) and I asked him if he was referring to Angie, but he said no. He seemed a bit peeved, as if I had suggested that he had been with a black girl. I kept looking at him, thinking he might have been Annie's boyfriend or simply a friend of a friend of Annie's. I just let it drop.

My father finally walked in wearing a brown night robe. He seemed as if he had just gotten out of bed and he looked a little disconcerted. I thought people would realize that I was his son and that I had some place of importance there.

I stood up and walked around the Farmhouse. I looked outside and couldn't believe the number of people who were out there. I walked outside. Now I was wearing something white which resembled a white karate outfit. I was surprised to see perhaps 100 people down around the little creek at the bottom of the hill behind the Farmhouse. They all seemed to be young, under 20 years old. I walked down to the little creek and began walking in it. The water was shallow, only a few centimeters deep. I told some of the people standing around me that we could walk on the water. I thought I had the skill to walk on the water if I walked fast enough. I started to walk on the water, but then I thought it would be better to simply float above the water. In a standing position, I rose into the air and began floating over the water. I thought people would notice what I was doing, but no one seemed to place much importance on it. The farther I traveled down the creek, however, the more people seemed to notice what I was doing. I rose higher and higher until I was about 20 meters above the ground. Flying was strenuous. I had to concentrate on maintaining my height, but I was able to do so.

At the end of the creek, I reached a steep cliff with a reservoir of water down below. I descended closer to the ground and just as I reached the edge of the cliff, two children grabbed me, one on each leg. I could feel their weight as I flew out over the water of the reservoir. All the while I was pushing down with my arms, trying to maintain my altitude. I said something about the children being too heavy. I turned around and started flying back toward the land. I didn't think I was going to make it, but I did. Once I was again over the land, one child let go, then the other let go.

I started flying back toward the Farmhouse as the people watched me. Flying was difficult. When I was about half way to the Farmhouse, someone bounced a basketball off the ground and it flew up above my head. I thought I might be able to catch it, but I wasn't able to look up. I just kept flying. Some people seemed to be taking notice of my flight.

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