Dream of: 13 January 2011 "In Competition"

I was sitting in a room with a black man (probably in his mid 40s) who was typing on a typewriter. We lived in the same house together and I inhabited the room next door. As I watched him, I realized that he was doing the same thing I was doing, that he was writing a book of dreams. We had never discussed our endeavors, but I began talking with him about it. I told him that writing a book of dreams would be much more difficult than he anticipated.

I wondered how he was constructing his book and I wanted to talk with him about it, although I had reservations because I felt as if we were somewhat in competition to see who would finish a book first. I had the feeling, however, that he wasn't nearly as advanced in his work as I was in mine.

When he walked out of the room for a moment, I noticed he had left behind a hand-written tablet. I opened and looked inside just for a second. I accidentally bent back a page and when I heard the fellow returning, I quickly closed the tablet.

We talked again. He was friendly, but I had doubts that he knew how to proceed with his book.

Many other people (perhaps as many as 15) lived in the house, which reminded me of someplace where college students might live. It was loud and I could hear people coming and going. I heard a girl scream; a radio was playing; and a little baby boy (only eight or nine months old) was sitting right next to me on the couch. I talked baby talk to the baby, and told it what a nice little baby it was. The baby managed to slip down between the pillows of the couch, but then its mother walked in and took it. She left the radio playing, which I finally unplugged. The fellow seemed relieved that the radio was off.

Suddenly we heard screaming. We both stood and walked over to the wall. The wall, however, turned out to be the side of a bridge which we could look over and see far below. At first I thought I saw cars under the bridge, but then I realized I was actually looking at water. The wall was made of concrete and was waist high. As I leaned on the wall, it seemed to give. I didn't think it was going to break, but suddenly it did break and the fellow with me fell over the edge. I was barely able to keep from falling. A second fellow (probably in his late 30s) just happened to be walking by and I cried to him, "Help me."

He held out his hand which I grabbed with my left hand. I was hanging there, holding on to the fellow's hand. He was terrified. I told him to pull me back, but he just stood there. When he started falling, I asked someone else who was passing by to help me. It was a terrible situation. I held onto the fellow's hand, hoping someone else would come to my rescue.

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