Dream of: 11 January 2011 (3) "Old Stuff"

After my ex-wife Carolina and I boarded a bus, a girl asked us if we wanted a can of pop. I answered, "Sure." The girl pointed to a second bus which was attached to the rear of the first bus, something like train cars. Carolina and I walked back to the second bus and grabbed a couple cans of pop. I noticed many issues of Time magazine and many other types of magazines scattered all over the second bus. I wondered if we could simply take some of the magazines. I looked for magazines with colorful pictures of presidents on the covers. I thought if I found some I liked, I would stick a couple in my coat pocket and simply take them.

As I rummaged through the magazines, I came across some other things which interested me. I found a sheet of unused postage stamps, and when I looked further, I found a stack of unused sheets of stamps about five centimeters thick. I grabbed them up. When I told Carolina what I had found, she wasn't the least bit interested. I told her the stamps were probably worth $1,000. It looked as if everything had simply been abandoned in the bus, so I decided to take whatever I wanted.

I next found some cassettes which didn't interest me, but then I found an eight-track tape in excellent condition. The picture on the front was unwrinkled. I decided to keep it.

By then, other people had come unto the bus and were likewise rummaging about. I continued to look until I finally found another little room. The room had shelves which were filled with toys. When I saw some little plastic figures, I wondered if they were the old hard plastic toys which some people collected. I thought I might take those. Then I found a little tin toy which was about five centimeters long. I knew it was valuable so I decided to take it. Shelf after shelf was filled with toys. The aisle between the shelves was only about a half meter wide, and other people were already crowding in. I decided I needed to find a box and fill it up as fast as I could.

I was worried I would reach my destination before I had finished snatching up the toys. I thought maybe I could make a loop on the bus, but I doubted I would be able to do that. I wondered if this was the last run for the day for the bus.

Carolina said I should pay for the stuff which I was taking. I wasn't planning on paying, but then I started thinking that maybe I would pay, because it looked as if everything might actually be for sale.

I wondered if there might be some comic books somewhere on the shelves. If the comics were old and they were only twenty-five cents apiece, I would simply take all of them. But I didn't see any comics.

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