Dream of: 11 January (2) 2011 "Untenable Situation"

I had started working in an office in the Gay Street House. It was morning and a woman who was the secretary was also there. A fellow walked in and entered the two small offices on the Gay Street side. I asked the secretary if the fellow worked there, and she said he just had an office there. I had the feeling that he was simply allowed to come and go when he wanted. I was told the fellow used to be a judge on an Ohio appellate court, which I found interesting but hard to believe.

The fellow walked into my office. He was about 50 years old and just a little shorter than I. I was much younger than he. After he sat down at my desk, we began talking. Almost immediately I was convinced that he hadn't been an appellate judge. I asked him about his being a former judge, but he didn't seem to be responding to any of my questions. I asked him about the court hierarchy in Ohio and I told him that the courts in Ohio were set up as trial courts, appellate courts and the supreme court. In front of me I had a paper and pencil, and as I spoke to him, I wrote down the three tiers of courts. The fellow looked blankly at the paper, as if he didn't know what I was talking about. When he finally said something about there being more kinds of courts than just trial courts, I told him that there were of course probate courts and criminal courts and such on the trial court level. I thought he might have possibly been a judge on a trial court level where intermediate appellate courts sometimes existed.

When my father (only about 40 years old) walked into the room and said something, I could tell that my father wanted me to stop questioning the fellow. My discussion with my father became a bit heated and right in front of the fellow I told my father that there was no way that the fellow could have been an appellate judge.

The fellow didn't say anything, but he was obviously ready to leave. Exasperated, I told him and my father that I would leave, that I didn't need this. I had cut up some paper on my desk and I began picking up the paper to throw away. Just as I was ready to leave, my father's friend, John Roach, walked in. John was talking with a client who was with him. John asked me something about the doll. I looked over toward the door and saw a life-sized male doll sitting there. I recalled that the doll had been around for years. Apparently my father now intended to throw it out. John asked why the doll was being thrown out and I told him I didn't know. I tried to think of something snappy to say about the doll. I thought of saying that if I were a woman, I'd have sex with the doll. But I didn't think saying such a thing would be appropriate.

I continued preparing to leave because the situation had become untenable.

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