Dream of: 11 January 2011 "The Rooming House"

I was busy cleaning up a house which seemed like a rooming house. My maternal grandmother Leacy (only about 50 years old) was present. She had returned after being away for a while and she seemed a little crazy.

I was making up a bed, then going from room to room and straightening up. I finally ended up in my grandmother's room. A black fellow (probably in his mid 20s) who also lived in the rooming house was also in the room. He was related to my grandmother and me. I didn't know him well, but apparently he was also her grandson.

My grandmother started talking about another fellow (probably in his 30s) who also lived in the rooming house, and from what she was saying, I soon concluded that she had had sex with the fellow. I couldn't believe my ears. The black fellow - also shocked - stood there with his mouth hanging open.

As I continued cleaning, I noticed a little light-blue pill lying on the floor and I picked it up. It had three marks across it so it could be broken into thirds. I realized the pill was a Xanex and I also realized my grandmother must have taken some Xanex. I then saw another different type of pill lying on the floor. I picked up the second pill and stuck it in my left pants pocket. I thought I already had another pill (which I had found earlier) in my left pocket. I thought I might take the pills later myself.

I figured the fellow in the other room must have given the pills to my grandmother and made her high. I thought when I went into his room later, I might look in his closet and in his coat pocket and find more pills, but I didn't want to get caught doing that.

My grandmother continued to chatter. I still couldn't believe that she could have had sex with the fellow, as old as she was. Of course she didn't look that bad. She wasn't ancient. But the other fellow was so young and it seemed as if he also had a girlfriend. It all seemed a bit bizarre.

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