Dream of: 09 January 2011 "Lengthy Probation"

I had been appointed to be the attorney for a fellow in a criminal case. He was in serious trouble. The prosecution had offered an excellent plea agreement and I was trying to work out the details. I went to court before I had even met the fellow. He was in the courtroom and after I met him, I began explaining to him the details of the plea agreement.

I was wearing a herringbone jacket and my khaki shirt. I took off the jacket and laid it down. Then I walked up to the judge. A group of people were standing around the judge. I started talking to the judge about the details of the case. According to the plea agreement, my client would receive no jail time, but he would be put on probation for about 10 days. I also knew there would be a $1,000 fine which my client wouldn't be able to pay immediately, so the time of his probation would need to be increased.

As I was talking to the judge, a slightly pudgy Hispanic fellow (about 40 years old) dressed in a suit walked up and said that his name was "Marty Martin" and that he was the prosecutor. He was friendly and I was glad to see him. He and I stepped to the side and discussed the case. I felt a bit uncomfortable because I wasn't wearing my jacket and I wondered if I should put it back on.

I was especially concerned about the length of probation. Since my client didn't have any money, I thought he might be put on probation for as long as a year. I didn't want to do that, because I feared he would violate his probation and have to go to jail. I wasn't sure if the $1,000 was a fine or money that he owed. But he was going to have to pay it.

I was happy with the agreement, but I wasn't happy with putting my client on probation for so long.

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